ID Course Number Μάθημα Διδάσκων Αίθουσα Ημέρα Ώρα Μονάδες Προαπαιτούμενα
AGRON1010 AGRON1010 Pesticide Application Equipment 5
AGRON1020 AGRON1020 Pasture and grazing land management 5
AGRON0006 AGRON0006 Soil Fertility - Fertilizers 5
AGRON0012 AGRON0012 Garden Architecture 5
ECO0015 ECO0015 Economics of the agro-food processing businesses 5
AGRON1023 AGRON1023 Beekeeping 5
AGRON0015 AGRON0015 Diseases of Field Crops 5
ECO0006 ECO0006 Agricultural Accounting and Valuation 5
AGRON1013 AGRON1013 Agriculture Ecosystems & Water Pollution 5
AGRON1009 AGRON1009 Pests of Stored Products & of Medicinal Importance 5
ECO0003 ECO0003 Farm Management and Organization 5