Through this website you will get a glance of the academic administrative and institutional functioning of the Department of Agricultural Development, Democritus University of Thrace.

The Department of Agricultural Development was established in 1999 .Based on clear quantitative and qualitative criteria such as education and research, despite its short course, dynamically achieved to enshrine successfully into its scientific field .Moreover, succeed to be in close connection with the local agricultural environment by offering solutions to emerging problems.

According to its founding Government Act ( 179/6-9-1999 PD 208 Article 1) , the mission of the Department of Agricultural Development is : ” … to foster and promote the science of Agriculture oriented to new technological developments in this science ,as well as developments in the areas of economic and social advancement extrapolated to the technical and social processes of rural development … ” .

The Department curriculum synthesizes multiple Agricultural approaches such as: Agricultural Economics, Crop, Animal and Food Science.

As part of a quality education, our Department strengthened its inquiry through European and National research programs, as well as the developmental programs for the benefit of the agricultural environment in the local community.

The interconnection of our Department through international research mobility programs with other European Universities ensures the provision of quality education services strengthens the conduction of research and finally contributes to the effective acquisition of knowledge.

Via the path of innovation, strengthening of the teaching quality, the connection with the rural society and by taking into account the needs of the labor market, the Department operates a Post-Graduate Program entitled “Sustainable production systems and environment in Agriculture». In this vein, for a more thorough education of our students, the Department expanded its building facilities nowadays and is actually housed in a structure of 4 buildings. In addition, new student Residences of international standards offering single rooms, as well as a student restaurant were built for the services of our students. The purpose and goal of the Department of Agricultural Development is to contribute through the supply of academic education in providing solid knowledge and essential skills and abilities to our students. Moreover, create academic citizens with solid scientific education, morality, responsibility, critical and creative thinking. The supply of knowledge and ensuring of their professional rights will guide them through their motivation to reach the correct professional path in the field of their education. Graduates of our Department are qualified to work as Agronomists in the Divisions of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food, local or national governmental services, food control laboratories and water, chemical pharmaceutical and food industries, financial institutions, technical educational schools, the private sector and all international or national organizations that are connected with the domain of Agricultural Development and Food. Still they could operate as self-employers or finally worked as researchers in Institutes and Research Centers or as academic staff in higher education institutions. Thank you very much for visiting our website which will provide you detailed and useful information.

Eugenia Bezirtzoglou M.D., MSc, PhD


Head of the Department of Agricultural Development