Student Internship

An obligatory internship for a period of two months (July-August) in mostly the private sector has been established by the Department of Agricultural Development. Since 2007 Student Internship runs in the frame of European as well as National programs, which covers the full salary and social security cost of the participants (EPEAEK I & II, EPANEK, ESPA).  Available positions are announced during the February of each year and eligible for internship are all 4th year students properly submitting their applications over the PractIS v1.0 platform.  Since 2013, the process has been strengthened with the operation of the ATLAS system managed by the Ministry of Education. Through the ATLAS system, students search and select the companies, in which they will be trained, and by the same system they are certified for the successful completion of their internship. Since 2022, internship is further supported by a relative 13-week compulsory course, which is part of the Department’s syllabus.

Further information (in Greek) is available in:

  • Department of Agricultural Development Internship Guide
  • Internship Office DUTH (
  • DUTH Student Internship Guide

Internship Supervisor: Evangelia Sinapidou, Associate Professor (

Secretariat: Vassiliki Tsonidou, Tel 25520 41163 (ext. 76163),