Students’ Prospectives for Professional Establishment

Graduates of the Department of Agricultural Development have the qualifications and the possibilities to be occupied in general in Public Organisations, in the Private sector and in International Organisms, more specific as follows:

A. Public Organisations
Agricultural Ministry: in proportional places Central and Regional Services while also in Institutes and Stations of Agricultural Research.
Agricultural Bank: in proportional places of application of study and research centrally and regionally and as Directors.
Ministry of Education: in places of Professors of Medium Education (Technical and Professional High Schools) and after acquisition of more qualifications (various levels of postgraduate studies), in the Superior and Maximum Education of corresponding specialities and Faculties.
Other Ministries: in proportional places of mainly students, in Ministries as National Economy, Environment of Land planning and Public Work, Internal, externals (eg as agricultural attachés or assistants of these in embassies).
Various Organisations: Organisation of Agricultural Insurances, National Organism of Smoke, Organism of Cotton, Greek Industry of Sugar, [EOMMECH], [ELKEPA], Center of Planning and Economic Researches, Organism of Promotion of Greek Products, [AGREX], Institutes of Social Researches, Organisms of Local Self-government (Municipalities).

B. Private Sector
Co-operative Organizations of all levels: in proportional places of students, Heads of Departments of Production, Transformation and Marketing of agricultural products and Directors of Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives, Co-operative Agricultural Industries, etc.
Private Enterprises corporate or individual form: as advisers, persons in charge of production and marketing, researchers and Directors of these. Such enterprises are : the manufacturing agricultural industries, the companies of agricultural medicines of – fertilizers – instruments of – forages, the various individual or common agricultural and veterinary enterprises, arboricultural, horticultural, etc.
Private offices of studies (authors or executives of these): organization and rearrangement of agricultural exploitations, economic estimations of all nature of damage, benefit of advices in agricultural exploitations familial, co-operative and enterprising form (mainly on issues organization of production and marketing) developmental studies of rural regions, etc.)
Free profession: as businessmen , in individual or corporate form of agricultural enterprises, shops of agricultural medicines – agricultural instruments of – forages – seeds and other, study offices etc.

C. International Organisms
As executives, advisers, students and researchers of various International Organisms, such as UNESCO, F.A.O. (World Organism of Inmates and Agriculture), International study and developmental offices etc.