Mission of the Department of Agricultural Development

The mission of the Department of Agricultural Development is to cultivate and promote the science of Agriculture with direction to cutting-edge technologies, advancing scientific knowledge in the area of economics and social development, and techniques and social procedures of development in the field of agriculture, especially in peripheral agricultural regions.

The science of agriculture including research interests such as Botany, Physiology and Zoology, has a wide range as a science. This means that it can collaborate with many sciences such as Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, as well as Economics and Ecology. For example, Chemistry is necessary to understand Soil Science, Agricultural Pharmacology and Science of Fertilizers, whereas Mathematics are necessary to understand Economics.

New technologies, new economic development, the requirements of the European Union that enforce the restructuring of crops and farming, make necessary the creation of a scientific basis to support and follow these developments. This necessity leads to the establishment of Departments, such as the Department of Agricultural Development, D.U.Th.