Divisions & Laboratories

The Department is divided into six (6) Divisions and nineteen (19) Laboratories, as follows:

Division A: Management of Plant Production

  1. Laboratory of Agronomy
  2. Laboratory of Pomology-Floriculture-Vegetable Crop Production
  3. Laboratory of Genetics, Plant Breeding and Physiology

Division B: Crop Protection and Environment

  1. Laboratory of Agricultural Pharmacology and Ecotoxicology
  2. Laboratory of Plant Pathology
  3. Laboratory of Agricultural Entomology and Zoology

Division C: Management of Animal Production

  1. Laboratory of Animal Husbandry
  2. Laboratory of Hydrobiology
  3. Laboratory of Apiculture and Sericulture

Division D: Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness Management

  1. Agricultural Economics Laboratory
  2. Marketing & Management Laboratory
  3. Agricultural Policy & Cooperatives Laboratory
  4. Applied Economic Statistics & Informatics Laboratory

Division Ε: Agricultural & Natural Resources Management

  1. Natural Sciences Laboratory
  2. Hydraulics Laboratory
  3. Agricultural Machinery Laboratory

Division F: Food Science and Technology

  1. Food Processing Laboratory
  2. Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratory
  3. Microbiology, Biotechnology and Hygiene Laboratory