Erasmus+ is the EU’s Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport. It brings together seven already existing EU programmes in education, training, and youth, including sport. Erasmus+ aims to improve skills and employability and modernize education, training, and youth systems. The Programme enables undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral students to carry out with a scholarship either part of their studies at a Higher Education Institution in Europe without paying tuition fees or of their internships in a business, training centre, research centre or other organization based in Europe, with full academic recognition. It is a unique opportunity for students to live abroad, make new friendships, get to know different cultures, learn a foreign language, and create new prospects for the continuation of their studies and professional development. The Programme also extends a warm welcome to students interested in studying in the Department of Agricultural Development, and it disposes of over 15 Erasmus Bilateral Agreements with Universities throughout Europe. We hope you will find the information on this website informative and helpful. The personnel of the Erasmus+/International Relations Office will be a constant reference for you throughout your stay in the Department.

You can find in detail all the relevant information  on Erasmus+ webpage: