Τhe Administrative Authorities of the Department of Agricultural Development are as follows:

Kimbaris Athanassios, Professor


GENERAL ASSEMBLY (Regular Members):
Galanopoulos Konstantinos, Professor
Koutroubas Spyridon, Professor
Broufas Georgios, Professor
Kimbaris Athanassios, Professor
Alexopoulos Athanassios, Associate Professor
Damalas Christos, Associate Professor
Karelakis Christos, Associate Professor
Plessas Stavros, Associate Professor
Zafeiriou Eleni, Associate Professor
Vryzas Zisis, Associate Professor
Pappas Maria L., Associate Professor
Zamioudis Christos, Assistant Professor
Mantzourani Ioanna, Assistant Professor
Raptou Elena, Assistant Professor
Sinapidou Evangelia, Assistant Professor
Chrysovalantou Antonopoulou, Assistant Professor
Alexoudis Christos, Specialized Laboratory and Teaching Staff
Fotiadis Sideris, Specialized Laboratory and Teaching Staff
Kourtidou Efthimia, Specialized Technical Laboratory Staff
Two student representatives