ID Course Number Μάθημα Διδάσκων Αίθουσα Ημέρα Ώρα Μονάδες Προαπαιτούμενα
AGRON0008 AGRON0008 Field Crops (Cereals, Legumes, Forages) 5
ECO0010 ECO0010 Investment Evaluation and Agricultural Financing 5
ECO1006 ECO1006 Special and Alternative Forms of Tourism 5
ECO1007 ECO1007 Optimization Theory with Applications in the Agricultural Sector Laboratory of Agricultural Economics 5 No
ECO0001 Agricultural Education Room of Agricultural Economy 5 No
FOOD0017 FOOD0017 Food Quality Control 5
AGRON1024 AGRON1024 Sericulture 5
ECO1003 Special Topics in Operational Research 5