Special Topics in Plant Pathology

The goal of the course is to provide postgraduate students with advanced knowledge on the broad area of Plant-Microbe Interactions. In particular, the course contains 13 thematic units (TH.U) dealing with (i) the molecular interactions between plants and pathogens (TH.U 1-4) (ii) the molecular physiology of non-parasitic diseases (TH.U 5) (iii) the molecular diagnosis of phytopathogenic microorganisms both in the laboratory but also in the field (TH.U 6) (iv) the composition, function and biotechnological applications of plant-colonizing beneficial microbes ( TH.U 7-9) (v) the management of crop diseases based on the principles of the so-called integrated plant protection (IPP) (TH.U 10). In addition, this course provides knowledge and information on more general topics related to the plant quarantine, the impact of mycotoxins produced by plant-pathogenic fungi in food safety and the effects of the climate change on plant diseases (TH.U 11-13).

Special Topics in Plant Pathology_Course Outline