Special Topics in Operation Research

Special Topics in Operation Research

Type: Post Graduate Course / Compulsory

Κατεύθυνση: Agricultural Economics and Food Business

Semester: 1ο

ECTS: 7.5

Instructor: Ε. Zafeiriou

E-mail: ezafeir@agro.duth.gr

Tel. office 25520 41185

Webpage: http://pms.agro.duth.gr/index.files/PECON02_COURSE.htm

Contact with students: upon request (via email))

Course Description:

The course describes the problem of linear programming and the optimization solutions found based simplex method. The dual problem and sensitivity analysis in optimization problems are also presented. Furthermore, theories to solve real world problems by finding the optimal solutions to the models subject to constraints of time, labor, resource, material, and business rules are in subtle described. The transportation problem, the assignment problem, the problem of minimum paths, and the problem of maximum flows are important issues analyze in subtle. Finally, decision trees are presented as decision making techniques used under risk. All the theoretical models presented will be adjoined by case studies aiming to provide an insight to those models.

Δικτυακός τόπος μαθήματος:


Suggested Bibliography:

Operations and supply chain management 2012 F. Robert JacobsRichard B. Chase, Richard Chase ISBN-13: 978-0073525235

Business Research Methods 2013   Donald Cooper  Pamela Schindler ISBN-13: 978-0073521503

Introduction in Operation Research. Christos Κ. Fragos (in Greek), ISBN:960-351-655-4

Additional references will be provided through e class network


Learning Outcomes

Throughout this course, students are expected:

  • To be able to identify decision making problems
  • develop problem modeling and solving skills and learn how to find the optimal solutions of the models suggested subject to constraints from the point of view of optimization
  • to use appropriate algorithms for the optimization problem solution
  • to implement software like Excel and modern technology applications in solving operation research problems.


§  Final Exam

§  Assignments and Oral Presentation.

Overall Grade Distribution: 100 units:

  1. Final Exam: 70 units
  2. Project: 30 units


Course Academic Calendar

Special Topics in Operation Research

Week Basic and support material to be covered Εισηγητής
1st  Part Linear Programming
1st Introduction to Operations Research (OR)

Operations Research definition.

E. Zafeiriou


Graphical LP maximization Solution / Simplex Method E. Zafeiriou
3d Duality Theory E. Zafeiriou
4th Transportation Problem (The Northwest Method,) E. Zafeiriou
5th Assignment Problem (Hungarian Method)) E. Zafeiriou
6th Short-Cut Method/ Maximum Flow Method E. Zafeiriou
7th  PC applications E. Zafeiriou
2d  Part Decision Making
8th Decision Making Process/Different Conditions E. Zafeiriou
9th Decision Making under Uncertainty (Criteria used) E. Zafeiriou
10th Decision Trees


E. Zafeiriou
11th PC Applications E. Zafeiriou
3d Part Case Studies


Case Study E. Zafeiriou
13th Case Study E. Zafeiriou
14th Case Study


E. Zafeiriou
15th Final Exams