Type: Postgraduate course / Compulsory

Direction: Agricultural Economics and Food Business

Moderator: E. Raptou

Semester: 1st

ECTS: 7.5

Instructors: E. Raptou


Tel. office: 25520 41184


Cooperation with students: upon request (via email)


Course description:

Understanding marketing strategy and marketing process – Attracting customers – Customer retention. Analysis of the marketing environment – Trends in the macroenvironment and the microenvironment. Marketing information system – Customer value and satisfaction. Identifying market segments – Selection of target markets. Brand decisions – Product positioning and establishing a strong brand name. Pricing strategy.  New product development – Managing the development process. Consumer buying behavior. Advertising, sales promotion and public relations. Personal selling. Direct marketing – E-commerce. Marketing ethics.


Indicative teaching material:

Armstrong G, Kotler P. Marketing. 2009, Epikentro Publications, pp. 898.

Chernev A. Strategic Marketing Management. 2012, Cerebellum Press, 7th edition, pp. 254.

Kotler P, Keller K. Marketing Management. 2011, Prentice Hall, 14th Edition, pp. 816.

Additional case studies are provided to the students during the lectures.


Learning outcomes

After completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Understand the marketing process and the buying behavior model
    • Make choices among various marketing tools in order to adapt different marketing designs to different market environments
    • Comprehend the factors affecting customer satisfaction, customer value and the buying process
    • Design innovative and effective sales promotion programs
  • Be aware of the opportunities emerging in the national and global market


 Evaluation methods:

·         Written exam at end of semester

·         Submit written work during the semester and an oral presentation.


Final score: It arises from the sum of the following (maximum score: 100 points):
1. Course examination (end of semester): 50 points
2.  Assignments and presentations: 50 points


Lecture Program of the course “Marketing”

Week Title Speaker
1st Section: Marketing strategy – Consumer Behavior
1st Creating customer value and building customer relationships. Case study E. Raptou
2nd Marketing strategy E. Raptou
3rd Analysis of the micro- and macro- environment in business strategy E. Raptou
4th Consumer and buying behavior (purchasing model analysis) – Case study presentation and analysis E. Raptou
2nd Section: Consumer-oriented marketing strategy
5th Marketing segmentation and positioning E. Raptou
6th Brand name strategy and development – Case study presentation and analysis E. Raptou
7th New product development – Case study presentation and analysis E. Raptou
8th Pricing and price strategy E. Raptou
9th Marketing communication – Advertising design and strategy, types of advertising E. Raptou
10th Personal sales design and strategy – Case study presentation and analysis E. Raptou
11th Direct marketing – eCommerce E. Raptou


Marketing ethics and social responsibility

Case study – analysis

E. Raptou

E. Raptou



Presentations of students’assignments


E. Raptou