Upon the completion of the course the students should have comprehend:

  • The way traits are controlled by the genes.
  • Main principles of inheritance.
  • Major principles of Molecular Genetics.



Structure and expression of genetic material (proteins, DNA-RNA, organization of genetic material, mitosis-meiosis, DNA replication, transcription-translation, mutations). Inheritance of single loci (alleles, alleles and gametogenesis, interaction of alleles, gene polymorphism). Inheritance and interaction of independent loci. Inheritance of dependent loci (cis- and trans- arrangement, detecting of linkage, xiasma and recombination, recombination frequency, gene mapping). Sex chromosomes, sex determination, and sex-linked traits. Polyploidy (auto-polyploidy, allo-polyploidy, aneuploidy). Chromosomal aberrations (deletion, duplication, inversion, translocation). Molecular Genetics (isolation and manipulation of genetic material, the technology of DNA recombination, genetic transformation).